E-tax filing: USA tax return filing made easy

E-tax filing is the easy to use tax return filing system specifically thought for non residents who worked in the USA. It's developed by Dendax, one of the most renown tax refund company in the world, which mission is that of helping and supporting the expats all over the world since its foundation in 1999.

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act voted into law in 2018 Introduced several major changes for tax refund and tax return regarding the J1 Visa Holders working in the USA under the Work & Travel programme. Tax return filing is now a legal obligation for every person who had an income in the United States.

Dendax is aware that dealing with tax return filing can be treacherous for expats who don't normally deal with the American tax system. Hence we decided to develop an e-filing system which would be easy to understand and to navigate. Since the beginnings of the project, our goal was that of providing the user a tax return filing system which would let him or her filing the tax return in a matter of minutes and in 4 simple steps.

e-tax filing is:

  • Secure: our service’s infrastructure is built to be user friendly and totally secure for your data.
  • Easy: applying is easy and fast: just follow 4 simple steps to get your tax return filed!
  • Cheap: we guarantee the lowest fees on the market.
  • The only service specifically thought for non residents

E-tax filing is designed keeping in mind the needs of the J1 Visa workers: Au-pairs, Camp USA and Work&Travel workers. Applying is easy, everything is explained in a clear and simple way, and the whole process of the application is supported by a live chat. Also the fees are the lowest on the market. There is no reason to way further, start your application now!

Our clients say:

“I started to apply using the online calculator, which only took me a couple of minutes; then I was provided with an esteem of my refund from US, and the support of a tax refund specialist. From there, the whole process was fast and clear, and I got my refund without any stress. In a few words: I Am utterly satisfied.

Leonardo Berardi

“Easy and fast. Filed my tax return and got a tax refund.”

Nora Rostant