Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to file my Federal tax return?

Yes, it is. Since 2018, all the J1l visa holders who worked in USA are obligated to file their federal tax return. Otherwise, it will be impossible to get VISA for visiting US again in the future and the IRS, Internal Revenue Service, may fine you up to 25.000 dollars.

For further informations in this regard, check our article about the implications of not filing the tax return on Dendax's Blog.

Does e-tax filing support all types of Visa?

No. E-taxfiling application supports only the J1 Work & Travel visa.

Does e-tax filing support tax return filing for USA residents?

No. E-tax filing application only supports tax return filing for non residents.

If I worked in more than 1 occupations, which one should I report in Step 1?

You can report the one with highest wage.

How can I be sure to fill in the correct numbers in Step 2, if my payslip doesn’t look like your examples?

If you don’t feel sure about the data in your payslip, wait until you receive your W2 form.

Your W2 form will be exactly the same as our examples in the icon.

Should I pay for your service in advance?

You should pay in advance only if your tax refund is less than our fee or if you have debt.

If your tax refund is higher than our fee you don’t have to pay in advance. Go to step 4, download the Gold Documents, sign the documents by following the instructions in 1st page and upload the documents online. We will prepare and send your US tax return and we will deduct our fee from your tax refund.

What should I do if I don’t have a Paypal account?

You can easily create one by using your email address, when you will be ready to pay after step 4.